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Practicing Together

A queer and trans-centred body-based virtual practice group for exploring somatic healing and connection


Who is this group for?

  • 2SLGBTQQIAA+ folks 14+, with limited space for hetero and cis folks who are connected to queer and trans people (friends, supporters, partners, family members). This group will unapologetically centre the experiences of queer and trans people

  • For people who are interested in somatic practices and aren’t sure where to start

  • For people who have learned about somatic practices and would like to explore them in a group setting (possibly to accompany solo exploration or a 1-1 therapeutic relationship)

  • For people interested in connecting with others in an embodied way

  • For people who are looking for a more affordable option in comparison to 1-1 therapy


What will we explore in this group?

  • Develop a repertoire of somatic practices that work for you to build better connections with yourself and others

  • A brief introduction to somatic therapy approaches and polyvagal theory

  • Acknowledge the lineage of somatics in traditional ancestral practices of Indigenous peoples, Black activists and scholars, Buddhism, Chi-gong, Yoga philosophy, European animism and many others

  • Explore the grief that many of us have lost these ancestral practices and the joy that being in our bodies in a good way is our birthright

How will this group be facilitated?

  • Trauma-informed: Recognizing that most of us have been impacted by trauma, I will limit specific mentions of violence and trauma and provide ongoing invitations to exercise choice and agency. All participants will be invited to join or pass for discussions and activities.

  • Oriented towards equity, justice and liberation: Integrating awareness and recognition of the systems of oppression we navigate including colonization, racism, transphobia and homophobia. I will invite visioning for different systems and supports, while providing tangible tools to support us where we are now.


What this group is not...

  • A theoretical or intellectual discussion space regarding the theories or science behind the effectiveness of somatic therapy. There are many books and resources available to review if you are interested in learning more. The focus of this group will be experiential learning and stepping away from patterns of intellectualizing mental health.

  • A replacement for clinical counselling. This group is a supportive educational space and not a clinical or process group. Unfortunately, this means that if you do have group therapy included in your extended health benefits, they will likely not reimburse you for this group.

Next Steps:

  • The first group will launch in spring 2023! If you would like to stay updated about this group please click the button below or send me an email at with the title "Practicing Together" and I will keep you updated.

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