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Trauma & Violence Informed Care Workshop

I offer custom workshops on trauma and violence informed care for organizations and businesses. I offer in-person and virtual workshops in Vancouver and virtual workshops throughout Canada.

Please email with your inquiry for more information.

This workshop may be helpful for your organization if your team would benefit from learning, or validating and affirming their knowledge in the following areas:

What counts as trauma and who decided this: Understanding the political context and psychiatric and community definitions of trauma.

Who is impacted by trauma: Exploring the intersections of colonization, racism, sexism, transphobia and other structural forms of oppression and their relationship with trauma.

How do we know when trauma is showing up in the room: Develop a greater awareness about how trauma may be impacting the clients you serve.

How to build trust and healthy relationships with clients impacted by trauma: Learn relevant tools and skills to support clients impacted by trauma, strategies to avoid retraumatizing clients and when to connect clients to other appropriate resources.

How to increase resilience and prevent vicarious trauma: Explore self-care strategies, mental health resources and community care opportunities for workers who support people impacted by trauma.

Image by Nathalia Segato


I ensure the workshop is relevant and helpful for your team through consultations and the development of organization and industry specific case studies and interventions that are appropriate for your staff. Attending a workshop may mean missing out on multiple client interactions or other duties, so I make the time count for your staff who show up.

Image by Jason Goodman

Consensual Engagement

Integrating opportunities for discussion, connection and reflection, I offer many options for engagement throughout my workshops and the option to pass and exercise choice. I invite participants to engage with myself, each other and video and audio clips to learn from a variety of perspectives and lenses and honour the lived experience, knowledge and boundaries of workshop participants.

Image by Joshua Fuller

Trauma & Violence Informed 

Talking about trauma can bring up challenging memories or emotions. I integrate trauma-informed approaches into my facilitation style and the content I cover, recognizing that most people, including staff members, have been impacted by trauma. I do not include descriptions of violence in my workshops and recognize that some staff may need breaks or time away from the workshop. 

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